Your home needs an astro turf

Your home needs an astro turf

The world is fast transforming into a green one. People are fast adopting the concept of becoming closer to nature in their endeavor to be eco-friendly. But sometimes, having a perfect lawn or a green landscape is not possible since either the soil is not fit for grass cultivation or the maintenance costs of the natural grass are a bit too high. This is where artificial grass comes to picture. Fake grass makes it easy for people to have a proper grass expanse without much worries. Astro turf is the first name that comes to mind for fake grass. Let’s see how you can benefit with this kind of grass.

The company of AstroTurf

AstroTurf has been known as one of the leading brands of artificial the playing surfaces. The original product of astro turf was actually a short pile the which was synthetic. However, since the start of 2000s, AstroTurf began selling taller systems which had infill materials for better application of natural grass. The main reason why it is incorporated on the sports field is to avoid the cost of laying and maintenance of natural top which helps in maximizing the art of usage. It is today being a group of Sports Group, which is a family of sports surfacing companies.

The history

Let’s look at the history of the brand product which was invented in the year 1965. The founders were Donald Elbert, Robert artificial grass Wright and James faria. The product was patented first in the year 1965, following which it was sold under the name ChemGrass. It was rebranded as astro turf by an employee of the company names John Worthmann. The first use of the short pile turf was in major stadia. However, once it was released, people understood that it required improvement. There were concerns over its traction and directionality. Monsanto’s research and development department began to implement a new nylon system which was having a different texture. It imparted a crimped texture to nylon once it was extruded, that became highly uniform. AstroTurf has been the industry leader all across the late 20th century. However, other companies have also emerged after 2000s. The prime competitor is FieldTurf, which a tall-pile polyethylene product with infills.

Benefits of astro turf

The advantages of an astro turf are numerous. You can simply not count them on your fingers. Let’s have a look at the benefits of the turf and artificial grass.

Easy maintenance

The fake grass is quite easy to maintain. There is no need to water the grass and no need to even trim it or mow it to give a good shape. All you need to do is to get the grass installed and then have a sigh of relief as the need of watering is not there. The need of herbicides and pesticides is also eliminated. This helps you to save money on the maintenance aspect and increase your disposable income. Just imagine the fun of having some extra money at the end of the month when you realize that the astro turf has helped you achieve this.


The astro turf can also help you enhance the beauty of the parks, lawns and landscapes. The uniformity of the grass helps you to maintain the elegance of the lawns and the various shades of green help you to choose the right fit for your home. You will soon be the point of envy for the neighbors around. Very soon, people will approach you to get advice and inputs on how to beautify their abodes.

Pet friendly Astro Turf

The astro turf is also quite pet-friendly. Your pets will simply love rolling over it. The turf is also known to be good at absorbing the liquid waste of your pets. This will help you to end all your worries of cleaning the grass. The astro turf is also easy to be cleaned using a leaf blower. A stiff broom is enough to remove the last dregs of dirt and pebbles in the lawn.

If you want to revamp the visual appeal of your place, then it is time to get some artificial grass and give a wonderful look to your home. This will be a new and the best gift for your place.



What is Astro Turf and How Can It Benefit Your Garden?

What is Astro Turf and How Can It Benefit Your Garden?

Artificial grass is a surface that is made of synthetic fibers and looks like natural grass. Over the years it has come to be known by various other names such as synthetic grass, synthetic turf, artificial turf or even Astro Turf! While it is now commonly used for both residential and commercial purposes, it has been popularly used in sports arenas for the sports that are normally played on grass fields.

What is Astro Turf?

Astro Turf is one of the leading brands in artificial Turf, so much so that the name is commonly substituted for ‘artificial turf’ Astro Turfitself. It is not another term for ‘artificial grass’ but a brand name of the product that was developed in the 1960s in USA. Besides being highly appealing their turf is also designed to withstand the different demands of sports. The constant endeavors of the brand aims at delivering the playing surfaces that are:

  • Most realistic
  • Sport-specific performance
  • Have long lasting durability
  • Have sound player protection

Different advantages of Astro Turf Fields

  1. Player Safety

Player safety is number one priority of Astro Turf and it aims at protecting the athlete right from head to toe. There is a lot of research and development that goes behind designing the best quality synthetic turf. Everything right from turf technology to different facets of player protection is taken care of to achieve professionally maintained turf fields. Astro Turf provides excellent shock absorption feature at the time of installation and there is a warranty period for every field during which safety of players is assured.

  1. Heat Issue

It is a fact that synthetic turf fields get hot, unlike the natural grass fields. But research and development team at Astro turf give considerable time and attention to this issue. From the best renewable raw materials to proven technologies, the brand does every bit to reduce the heat and make the synthetic turfs cooler.

  1. Durability

Astro Turf aims at protecting the investment of their client by providing durability to the product. The synthetic turf fields have to go through a lot right from harsh rays of sun, exposure to different elements, and exposure to practice and use of equipments by the players. The company is devoted to giving their customers the value for money by creating a balance between comfort and durability. There are various innovative services that aim to lengthen the lifecycle of artificial turf fields.

  1. Sustainability

One of the major beneficiaries of the artificial turf industry is the environment. According to a research, every synthetic field helps to save approximately 2,480,000 gallons of water in a year. An artificial turf does not require mowing, pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers of any kind. Astro Turf takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously and makes every possible effort to reduce their environmental footprint. They make use of progressive processes and new materials to get their job done.

  1. Aesthetics

For Astro turf, the aesthetics of a synthetic field are as important as any of the factors mentioned above. They take care of every minute detail right from plush green field to the markings, from bold logos to perfectly level infill and upright fibers to the right level of shine. It takes a lot of work from a number of workers to finish a project within the deadline. The real struggle is to maintain the field in a new condition even after years of playing on it. While aesthetics and durability are defined by several factors including regular maintenance of field, the brand also chooses the right products and technologies so the field looks good even long after the installation.

Artificial Grass vs. Astro Turf

Artificial grass is a carpet surface that is made of synthetic fibers and looks like natural grass. It is the most common term that is used to describe any kind of manufactured grass and is known by other names such as:

  • Synthetic grass
  • Synthetic turf
  • Artificial Turf

Astro Turf, on the other hand is a brand name of a product that was initially developed in USA in 1960. While it is not another term used for ‘artificial grass’, the popularity of the brand name has made it to be commonly used in place of artificial grass.



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